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We love DocuShare because it can be customised so much. In a fast-paced world, our philosophy is to create new tools only as clients demand them. We focus on flexibility and we build to order, not to sit on a shelf. For that reason all our tools and utilities are in use in our own client base and lack the packaging and user guides that would cause us to charge a high price. As Xerox have enhanced the core features of DocuShare, so we like to see our tools become redundant by in-ilt DocuShare functionality. In the meantime, here is our list of tools and utilities.

DocuShare Connector:

  • Our most popular tool, Connector allows DocuShare users to streamline the upload of documents and emails into DocuShare. Through the use of an MSOffice add-in, Connector prompts the user with a customised dialog so that items can be uploaded directly to the correct location quickly and simply. Connector does not require installation of the Xerox DocuShare client. Watch a video or try it for yourself on our showcase site.


  • On demand, BookView will combines PDF documents within a collection into a PDF 'book'. Instead of opening documents one by one, BookView allows you view, print or download them all together. Watch a video or try it for yourself on our showcase site.


  • WebIndexer enables simple and fast indexing of scanned documents within a customised side-by-side view inside your web-browser, with the option of browsing DocuShare to choose document location. Watch a video or try it for yourself on our showcase site.


  • Fastrack is our low-cost toolkit of utilities for automatically loading scans into DocuShare. Fastrack can be configured for barcode separation, QRCode reading, zonal recognition or simple filename interpretation. Each installation is customised to your exact requirements to order by our development team. You pay only for the features you need.


  • Our low-cost tool for OCR of TIFs or Image-Only PDFs held inside DocuShare. Schedule it to run overnight or in live mode to have new,searchable versions of your scanned documents available in DocuShare. Built on the Nuance OCR engine that powers Ominpage you can rely on TifToPDf for better accuracy than scanner based OCR systems.

DocuShare eForms:

  • Active Documents have worldwide experience in building end to end eForms solutions for DocuShare. We can make them editable and embed them in tight workflows.

Custom Workflow:

  • Let our development team create custom workflows for you to enhance the inbuilt DocuShare workflow suite. Our bespoke workflows can be launched by your users manually or from Content rules.

Welcome Email:

  • Welcome new users to DocuShare with an automatic email that informs them of their new username.

JDEwards Connector:

  • Integrate DocuShare as a document repository for your JDEwards ERM system! Our development team have successfully implemented this for a Global Japanese manufacturer. Contact us with your own requirements.

Monthly Usage report:

  • Our reporting tool allows you to quantify your investment in DocuShare, it shows how many documents were added to your site and how many were retrieved. It shows how many of your users logged in. It also provides the following performance metrics: Downtime, average search response speed and also storage capacity versus current growth levels against benchmark. View a sample report here.

Custom Email Agent:

  • We can customise the standard DocuShare email agent to allow DocuShare to receive your emails and store them in the exact way you require. For example, you may wish to assign DocuShare to watch a customer facing inbox, upload emails then notify your staff when storage has already taken place.

Kofax Capture:

  • Kofax Capture for high volume scanning.

Xerox EIP:

  • As accredited Xerox EIP developers, we create branded interfaces for the Xerox WorkCentre family that streamline your users scanning and printing experience.



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